Clayton Notestine


The Explorers Company

Side-Business, Creative Workshops, Game Theory, Pretending to be elves


Since it’s forging on the icy shores of Wisconsin, Dungeons and Dragons had been waiting. To many people, D&D and other tabletop games are just that – games. But in reality, they’re 40-year-old story engines that change how you view non-linear storytelling and entertainment.

I found the Dungeon waiting for me in 1997. It’s been my passion ever since.

Explorers is my creative label for crafting bespoke experiences that teach creative professionals how to play (and love) tabletop games like I do.


I wrote and branded my expeditions.

I'm regularly making new games and narratives. Below is a sample of the ones I've playtested and started production on.


I chronicled the people who adventured with me.

This past year, I taught 36 creative professionals tabletop roleplaying games. Like any society of explorers, I made a membership ledger. This is a sample of our adventurers.

(Click for their portfolio.) 


I hosted game nights.

These are pictures others have taken.