Clayton Notestine

Kettle Potato Chips


Kettle Sea Salt Potato Chips

Company: Speculative Kettle Potato Chips


Creative Copywriter
Art Director
Project Type
Campaign Rebrand
Project Timeframe
Winter 2017

The Project

How does Kettle Sea Salt Chips—with only three ingredients: oil, salt, and potatoes—say its the tastiest, most exciting snack at checkout?

I mined the words "sea salt" for their connotational meaning and cultural history. Sea salt doesn't make the potatoes salty. It makes them sea-themed. That’s when things got weird.


Street Murals


Instagram Digital Ads

I created moving scenes for Instagram that bring the sea-life style to consumers' hands.



With typographical hierarchy, the old packaging put greater emphasis on the brand name and product category instead of its flavor. For fast, impulse purchases, I did the exact opposite.


Commercial Scripts

I grew up on the water with sailors. So, to continue the absurdism of the print and digital ads, I changed iconic sailor tales into commercials with twist endings.


Under the Sea :60


Swarm of Spuds :30


Art direction and writing by Clayton Notestine
with some photoshop lessons from Eddy Allen.