Clayton Notestine


Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Company: Speculative Merriam-Webster


Creative Copywriter
Digital Strategist
Project Type
Campaign Rebrand
Brand Innovations
Spring 2018

The Project

Merriam-Webster must learn to survive digitally. As a book and app, it’s only going to diminish alongside other dictionaries in its shrinking category.

But their purpose is more important than ever. To show the power of just one word we used their definitions in the context of current events. The result was an evolution of Merriam into a brand focused on public dialogue. From there, we could expand into digital-first innovations.

Distinctions: One Show Merit, Lürzer’s Archive


Out of Home

In the same way, pictures act like definitions we used their locations as definitions, too. Thereby impacting the conversation the moment it’s most relevant.


Digital Billboard

As a company, Merriam-Webster already monitors trending conversations. This dynamic billboard brings that conversation to the real-world like a barometer.


Chrome Extension Innovation

Dialogue is most at risk on the internet. We created an extension that identifies passages on news websites and turns them into real-life examples of words, turning the internet into a living dictionary.


Reverse Dictionary App Innovation

Despite it being a consumer behavior in search, there is currently no way to find a word by describing its definition. Using those searches and machine learning, we hope to build a digital-native way to look up words. One that assumes the word, not the definition, is the objective.


Writing and Innovations by Clayton Notestine
Art Direction defined with Mike Lee