Clayton Notestine


Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Campaign, Repositioning, Product Innovations, Verisimilitude
Student Work



Dictionaries are extinct but their purpose isn’t. Today, our most powerful words are being threatened by biased media and toxic discourse. My Art Director and I challenged ourselves to make Merriam-Webster the most topically relevant location on the internet. All with the power of just one word, because one word can define our truth, our beliefs, and our world.



Out of Home

Most messages will live in the outside world on billboards and street installations where people are inclined to see things differently if you name them.


Digital Billboard

Merriam-Webster already monitors what the public is talking about, our digital billboard brings those conversations to the forefront.


Chrome Extension Innovation

We created an extension that identifies passages on news websites and turns them into real-life examples of words. 


Reverse Dictionary App Innovation

There is currently no way to find a word by describing its definition, in 2018, that's inexcusable.


Writing and Innovations by Clayton Notestine
Art Direction defined with Mike Lee