Clayton Notestine

Soccer is Everywhere

Soccer is Everywhere

Company: Degree Mens Deodorant & New York City Football Club


Creative Copywriter
Project Type
Partnership Activation
Guerrilla Out-of-home
Summer & Fall 2018

The Project

Soccer can be played anywhere and live anywhere. All you need to do is move more, run more, kick more, and score more. If soccer never stops, it belongs in the city that never sleeps.

Using soccer's humble roots, we created an interactive guerrilla out-of-home campaign of makeshift goals that could live anywhere. From the streets of South America to the abandoned lots of Queens, we advertised the NYCFC and Degree with "the more you move, the more you live."


Activation Video

With help from another copywriter, I distilled my research into a script with captured footage from the activation. It played in Yankee Stadium for the die-hard fans using familiar truths about the game as it's played around the world.


The Activation

To get people excited about football in their backyard, we used the tradition of makeshift goals like interactive out-of-home. We made these goals across Manhattan and The Bronx using the iconic goalie box and the NYC landscape.


Post-Activation Event
After the activation, we hosted a game of street football outside Yankee Stadium. People who moved using the guerrilla goals, got to move into the spotlight for a chance at gear, seats, and autographs.


Post-Activation Event Visuals

Classic, Latin-American Soccer culture is often inseparable from street and art culture. We wanted our visuals at the tournament to be as authentic to that heritage as possible by marrying the traditional paste-ups with Degree graphics.