Clayton Notestine

Zatarain's Foods

Zatarain's: A New Orleans Tradition

Rebranding, Campaign, Product Innovation, Bourbon Street
Student Work

It's the party of New Orleans in a box of rice. 




Advertising Campaign

After re-owning our roots we needed to reintroduce consumers to the Cajun tradition.

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spotify banner mockup.jpg

Packaging Redesign

We stepped away from the holding-company chic to make the brand feel look
like an import from a New Orleans general store shelf.


Spotify Cooking Companion

Cooking is the event, so we created Spotify playlists curated to each Zatarain's meal.


New Product Line

To facilitate more Cajun occasions we expanded the line into tailgate and party portions.


Writing and the rebrand tone by Clayton Notestine.
AD: Mike Rodriguez  XDs: Aaron Wachsstock + Tyler King
ST: Eliza Hadjis  CBM: Jenn Root